ss.themeliska.com is a website run by Sikander Sports India Private Limited, Located at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The GST number of the company is 09ABACS3861K1ZO. The email id of the company is sikandersports2018@gmail.com. The company is formed under the companies act of India and consists of three main directors who direct and govern and coordinate all the company and website related work. The main aim of the website is to create a Pan India Network of providing authentic and good quality sports goods at reasonable prices. The company deals in all kinds of sports goods related companies like namely the most famous all over the World, Yonex, Cosco, Jaspo, Tiger, G.B Rubber, HRS India, BSM, BPI, NEW BALANCE, S.G, SS, NNN HOSIERY, WINTEX, ETC. sikandersports.com is also available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for better service towards our customers. Following are the terms and conditions which we abide by them and request our users to thoroughly go through them. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions we request you not to use our website :-

  1. Our customers would only be able to purchase our goods once they create their account on our website or as a guest user after providing us your email id.

  2. Goods would be charged with the current governing GST rates prevailing in the country.

  3. Goods would be charged with the courier charges depending upon the location and weight and size of the product and the parcel. Every courier partner has its own courier rates. We currently are serving our customers through FedX Courier which is among one of the best couriers in the world.

  4. There would be discount offers available for our customers which will be available on special occasions or special events only. Not apart from it.

  5. We would rate our customers on the scale of Platinum, Diamond, Gold,  and Silver categories regarding their purchasing power and behaviours. Customers who would reach Diamond Level would be given King size services that is they would be provided with special discounts too. Apart from discounts our customers ranging from Silver to Diamond, would be provided with seasonal gifts and other things too.

  6. All customers grievances would be given prior approach whether a customer is a Diamond User or a guest user of our website.

  7. Goods once dispatched from our end would be provided with tracking option of the particular courier service.

  8. Goods once dispatched, a notification would reach our customers on their email ids and their respective registered mobile numbers, and after the delivery is complete you will receive a successful delivery message from either our end or from the respective courier service you chose.

  9. Goods once dispatched from our end would not be our responsibility to keep track of them and keep record of them. We are only responsible till the area of sales and packaging and dispatching the goods within the given time period. Apart from it we have no hands of authority. As soon as the goods are dispatched you will be given your order reference number through which you would be able to track your goods with the respected courier service you chose.

  10. If the goods are damaged in the process of transportation, goods would be exchanged only on the basis if you provide us with the photos of the damaged goods on our email id or on the customer support whatsapp cell number in order to satisfy us that the goods are really damaged. Once we are satisfied regarding it, we would definitely look forward for your complaint and would definitely provide you with an exchange. You would be easily able to do it all of the return stuff after hitting the return of goods option provided on the website with your respected computers mouse.

  11. Sold goods would not be returned after 15 days from the date after the goods have been received by the customer. After 15 days of receiving the goods with the customer we would not listen any complaint regarding the return of the goods.

  12. Please note that since it is a website which deals in the world of sports thus all sports goods do not have warranty and guarantee with them.

  13. Warranty and guarantee is only provided in the electronic items and not in sports goods. If in future or at present there is any sports goods on our website that covers warranty and guarantee of the product and is provided from the manufactures end then we shall not hesitate to share with the same warranty and guarantee of the product with you even.

  14. We would not be liable for any loss of the goods if there is any loss to the goods like goods are stolen in the transport, or goods are destroyed in fire in the transport area, or if the vehicle carrying the goods meets with a collision or any sort of mishap, if there is an earthquake, flood, excessive rain, thunderstorm, or any other fault or any other thing that is totally beyond our control area or is from the nature or from the conditions prevailing in that city or town like riots etc.

  15. We only provide claim for the damage of the goods caused by our end due to improper packaging, or due to transports end improper handling and too under certain conditions after properly knowing the fact, in the knowledge of our customer that what exactly had happened that led to the damage of the product from the transporters or courier partners end.

  16. Please note that our terms and conditions is subject to change at any time. So you in order to always remain updated with our terms and conditions and the current policies governing our website, please keep on regularly viewing our pages of terms and conditions and policy page on a weekly or daily basis as it is convenient for you.

  17. Also note that this is a website governed by Sikander Sports India Private Limited, which is a private limited company in itself. Thus there is no sale of goods on the website through creation of other dealers and shopkeepers. The company itself purchases goods from the manufactures and solds it directly to the customers, by the means of the website.

  18. Customer is always like a king to us and we are always here to serve you. But we have our office ours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Thursdays we keep it off. So if there is any complaint regarding our products and our services offered to you, please be patient, so that we could help in serving you in a much more better and proper way. But definitely you would be provided the necessary help required by you within a given time span provided to you by our customer support team, by us.